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criminal cases

There is basically no type of criminal case that I do not have firsthand experience with representing clients. On the spectrum of criminal cases, I have represented clients with city tickets, to murder charges including the death penalty, and federal charges. I have trial experience in all levels of court, and of course, with success! 

With criminal cases, there are often other complexities that must be accounted for in a criminal case. First, if you did not commit the crime, you should not plead guilty, and the charges should be fought. However, other issues such as mental health, addiction, victims of abuse, and defenses to charges are all of paramount importance. It is crucial to have a lawyer that you trust and will listen to your story! 

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what to expect

I meet my clients at an array of stages in their cases. 

The first step in the process if you think you will or have been charged with a criminal offense is to retain a lawyer. I meet with my clients face to face in my office so that I can gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.  During a consultation I discuss with a potential client their wants and needs, as well as the law and any potential ramifications for a situation. As I run a bespoke practice, I do not have a set schedule of fees for cases because every client is different and therefore every case is different. I tailor my fees to the needs of the case. 


Then, depending on where the case is charged will depend on how the case will proceed. In any criminal case, if a client is not guilty then the client should not agree to a plea deal, and the case should be set for trial. However, if the client has made a mistake, or wishes to take a plea deal to possibly avoid a prison sentence, then I will fiercely advocate on their behalf for the best outcome possible with the least onerous conditions. 

If a client is charged with a criminal offense, I will enter my appearance in the case. This will show to the court that I am the attorney of record.

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CIvil Cases

Civil cases are different from criminal. Unfortunately, in a civil setting the harm has already been done, and usually the only justice available at that time is money. We cannot go back and undo a wrong, but I will fight and make sure that justice is served. 

I have vast experience in civil litigation from negotiating and mediating cases to trials,  and I have represented many clients in various civil cases: 

what to expect

Initially, I will meet with a potential client, either in my office or at a different location if travel is impossible. I then listen to the story regarding the harm that has been done to a client and consider all the possible ways that a situation can be corrected, and what tools the law equips me with to achieve a favorable outcome. For me, it is crucial that my clients feel heard and represented. Once a contract is signed, because it is my belief that an issue exists that the law can help me seek justice, my representation begins. 

Letters of representation are sent out to the other party/parties to advise them my client is now represented and is seeking justice for the harm inflicted upon them! 


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